17 June 2010

SBS World Chant - Lets all play some football!

It's not often that you make your singing debut on national television… Somehow this has happened to me. Luckily I've left the country! Sorry if you all want to shoot the screen by the end of World Cup!

I shot this for SBS back in about April and left the country before it came on TV but just found it on Youtube. 

I think they've done a really good job of bringing an honest representation of many nationalities together. The creative team at US Sydney worked hard to find real football fans from all around the world and travelled to something like 8 countries in 2 weeks to capture the footage you see in this clip. 

Well done on a beautiful song!

I've been up to lots of fun stuff in the last couple of days - will get a post together as soon as I can! 


Anonymous said...

left wing multiculti bullshit

CaroleH said...

Just found your blog Hope, after your mum telling me about it umpteen times. Wow!. Great blog. We've been watching you on this SBS chant. . . . very exciting . . . . you look great . . . . singing? . . . . hmmm . . . .

Now settling down to read all your story.
Love from Carole in Jamberoo. xx